www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/98327-do-i-need-to-sign-a-licensing-agreement-with-mathworks-if-i-am-using-matlab-compiler-generated-outpu#answer_107677 This message appears in the absence of a license. As long as the licenses are available, the user receives the license and no message is displayed. The best way to ensure that all MATLAB compiler users have permanent access to the MATLAB compiler is to provide enough licenses to your users. If a user requests a MATLAB compiler and no license is available, the user receives the message that the MATLAB compiler is using an outdated license. This has a different behavior in MATLAB mode and autonomous mode. If you run the MATLAB compiler of «in» the MATLAB environment, i.e. you run mcc via the MatLAB command prompt, keep the MATLAB compilation license as long as MATLAB remains open. Leave MATLAB to waive the MATLAB compilation license. www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/417765-matlab-compiler-runtime-license-issue#answer_335650 Gives the user a 30-minute dedicated time allocation in which the user has full license to the MATLAB compiler Every time a user requests a MATLAB compiler, the user begins a 30-minute period as the sole owner of the MATLAB compilation license. If the same user requests a MATLAB compiler, the user receives a new 30-minute allocation at any time during the 30-minute segment. When the 30-minute interval is over, the new user gets the next 30-minute interval when another user requests the MATLAB compiler.

. You can run MATLAB® compiler™ via the MATLAB command prompt (MATLAB mode) or the DOS/UNIX® (autonomous mode) command prompt. . . . The action could not be completed due to changes to the site. Reload the page to see the updated status. . MatLAB doesn`t have to run on the system where the MATLAB compiler is run, you`ll find the treasures in MATLAB Central and find out how the community can help you! If you run the MATLAB compiler via a DOS or UNIX command prompt, you will be run from outside of MATLAB. In this case, the MATLAB compiler.